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About J&K Contents Group

J&K Contents Group is an IT company that specialized in SI(System Integration). The company has signed an IT advisory contract with Price water house Coopers Consulting Korea (PWC) for various semiconductor Base Information Projects  in Korea

The company was established in January 2016 and is now trying to expand its business into the entertainment content business. We are in the process of producing various content such as film, web novels, cartoons (webtoons), an independent social media U Tube content (K-Pop, culture, travel, entertainment) and is currently working with Reel Entertainment of the Dominican Republic and Duende Film of the United States to produce a commercial films.


J&K Contents Group is now developing Virtual Reality and eXtended Reality content (VR, hologram movies and VR webtoons) and is going to start content education business to provide high-end education on virtual reality, VFX and film production in the government built visual cluster in Korea. Thus, we plan to set up a global content film school in Samam DMC(Digital Media City) and  Deajeon Visual Convergence Cluster in the second half of 2020.

In addition, J&K Contents Group operates Makes Studio, a studio for U-tube creation in Gangnam Seoul, to produce its own U Tube contents and internet online advertisement contents. Through the partnership with various advertising agencies and broadcasting companies in Korea, we are doing an advertisement planning and advertising agency business. 




John Hong, Chief Executive Officer

 Kay Hong. Chief of Operation Officer, IT Business

Academic background :

 -  Korea University, Law major (LLB)

 -  Indiana Univ. Kelly School of Business/International Business(B.S)

 -  Universidad Madrid Complutense, International Law/Int’l relations (LLM)

 -  Seoul National University, Law School, Candidate of Doctor of Law(SJD) 2020

Job Experience

 - Meritz Investment, Research Dept. Analyst(IT Industry and Corporate Sector) 

 - Ministry of Foreign Affairs, North American Bureau, 3rd Secretary/

    stationed Korean Embassy in Dominican Rep.

 - KAIST(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Research Center         for future Strategy, Senior Research Scientist 

 - Florida International College, Head of Seoul Office


  * Han Film Production Academy Film Directing Track

  * Sim San Scenario School/MediAct  film/documentary Directing Track

  * Short Film ‘ Safari’(2016)

  * Short Film  ‘Innocence’ (2017)

  * Script Writer ‘ Black Moon’ / Documentary Film “ My Way”

Academic Background :

- Indiana Unv.(Bloomington Main Campus School of Informatics (BS)

- MEDI ACT Film  Academy,  Producing / Documentary Track

Job Exoerience

-LG Display

-PriceWaterHouse(PWC) LTD. Korea Office, Senior Consultant


  * Short Film ‘ Safari’(2016)

  * Short Film  ‘Innocence’ (2017)

  * Planning&Development of  Film ‘ Black Moon’

Lim Chul Won, Chief of Marketing & Sales Officer
                                        Advertisement Business 

Agustin Fernandez, Co-Producer,                                                       Creative Advisor

Academic Background :

- Rochester Institute Technology(RIT), Economics Major(BS)

Job Experience

- Hyunjin Communications Representative (Korea's General     

  Advertising Agency)
- Head of the branch of Chosun Ilbo's South Gyeongsang branch
- Camping, Colping, Parkland, Dongil Housing, LCT, Busan Bank,

   BNK Financial Group. etc


La Habana, Cuba, March, 1976), is an American film and television writer, director and producer.



Falling Awake (2009), Badge of Honor (2015) and The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life (2013).


In 2014 Agustin had the honor as executive producer of the Academy Award winning Documentary The Lady in Number 6

Baek Hyuck IL, Team leader of  Business Strategy 


Liam Roper,  Production Advisor

Academic Background :


- Kyungpook National University, Public Administration(BA)

- Kyungpook National University, Public Administration(MPA)


Job Experience :

-  Hana Tour Official Certification Center Jung Hoon Air  Travel Agency, Director

-  National Incompetence Standards (NCS) Development Industry Field                 

    Verification Expert Participation in Overseas Employment     

   (InnoBiz Small Business Technology Innovation Association)

-  Head of the Internationalization Center of Gyeongbuk College of Health

-  Gyeongbuk College of Health Industry-Academy Cooperation Team /         

    International Exchange Team Leader

-   National Assembly, Senior Assistant Aide



Minister of Education/Vice Prime Minister Citation(Overseas Employment)

Park Young-Mi, Manager of  contents  production & distribution 


Academic Background :

-Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, BA (Hons)

 Major: Television Production and Commercial Advertising 

-Woosong UniversityTESOL-MALL Program (designing English   

  Language with Film Production curriculum) MA

  TEFL Certificate: Liverpool College, 2011-2012

Job Experience

-Currently: Visiting Professor Kongju National University, Gongju

  Sudan TV, Khartoum, Sudan, Teaching Consultant for Film &   

  Television Production

  Edge Hill College, Ormskirk, West Lancashire UK, Lecturer in     

  Higher Education Film & Television Degree


-Assistant Directing Departments: Production Assistant, 3rd AD,   

-Feature Films: ‘Stardust’ (July 2006) Marv Films

                          ‘Hot Fuzz’ (2006) Working Title Films

                          ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’ (2006)                                  ‘Notes on a Scandal’ (2005) Notes Production Ltd

                          ‘Breaking and Entering’ (July 2005) Sorting Station 

                          ‘Woody Allen’s Scoop’ (2005) Jelly Roll Productions

                          ‘Love and Hate’ (2004) Ruby Films

                          ‘Whisper, Way of the Child’ (2003-2004)

                           Global Media (1st AD, low budget)

                          ‘Stage Beauty’ (2003) Returning Productions Ltd

                          ‘Code 46’ (2003) Revolution Films

                           BBC Shakespeare Dramas – ‘Much a ‘do about                                       Nothing’,‘Taming of the Shrew’ (2005)

                           BBC ‘Mersey Beat’ (2003)

                           BBC ‘The Queens Nose’ (2003) 

                           BBC ‘Born and Bred’, episodes 1&2, 7&8, 9&10 (2002)

Academic Background :

- Gyeongsang National University, Major Fashion Design(B.A) 
- Baekje College of Arts, Department of Practical Music

Job Experience

- a-one Entertainment, Leader of  planning Team 

- African TV YouTube Production Team Leader

Kim Ki Soo, IT Development Team Leader


In Chung Jea, IT Development Team


Academic Background :

- Suwon Science University, Environmental Engineering (B.S)

Job Experience
- Research Institute for Technology Development of Samsung   

  Electronics Co., Samsung Semiconductor Research Engineer
- Army Command Officer,  Electronic Communications Specialist
- Sejin Computer Software Developer

Academic Background :

- Sun Yat-sen University, International Politics (BA)

-MIT MicroMaster Program, Statistics and Data Science/

 Data Economics and  Development Policy 

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