IT Business

J&K Contents Group is an IT company that specialized in SI(System Integration). 

The company has signed an IT advisory contract with Price water house Coopers Consulting Korea (PWC) for various semiconductor Base Information Projects in Korea.  J&K Contents Group is now developing Virtual Reality content (VR, hologram movies and VR webtoons) 

Entertainment Content Business

We produce and distribute various content such as film, web novels, cartoons (webtoons), an independent social media U Tube content (K-Pop, culture, travel, entertainment). As part of the One Source Multi-Using (OSMU), we are about to release our content for film production, "The Book in Black" as a web novel and webtoon(comics) content.



Advertisement Business

J&K Contents Group operates Makes Studio, a studio for U-tube creation in Gangnam Seoul, to produce its own U Tube contents and internet online advertisement contents. Through the partnership with various advertising agencies and broadcasting companies in Korea, we are doing an advertisement planning and advertising agency business. 

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